ok, you can stay but follow thy RULES.

do not spill anything.

♥ if you don't like what i write in my blog, or get offended, well, TOO BAD, cause it's MY blog. blog is where you put things about how you feel and stuff and if ever i feel something bad about a person i can write it here without hesitation

♥ if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

♥ this is not a place where you can get stuff to talk about behind my back.


♥KTHNX. BYE :> ♥ pencil blue.png

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great i have to write another one of these again. well, here goes.

as a blogger, i
♥ can be sarcastic
♥ use the return key A LOT
♥ am funny, or at least i think i'm funny
♥ can be very random, so expect the weirdest
♥ like hearing opinions of other people
♥ blab a lot about my obsession for famous boys
♥ am a cheerful, upbeat
♥ tend to over-react
♥have a great co-writer; imagination

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tongue tied
Monday, September 8, 2008 Monday, September 8, 2008

"Come Right Out And Say It"
Relient K

I'd better rest my eyes
'Cause I'm growing weary of
This point you've been trying to make

So rather than imply
Why don't you just verbalize
All the things that you're trying to say

Thought this would turn out so well
But I'm beginning to see
That instead it's trouble
Into a pattern we fell
Of prolonging the inevitable

Why don't you
Come right out and say it?
Even if the words are probably gonna hurt
I'd rather have the truth
Than something insincere
Why don't you
Come right out and say it (come right out and say it)?
What it is you're thinking
Though I'm thinking it's not what I wanna hear

I better check my pride
Because I was starting to think
I was on to something good
But things started to slide
And I sit here in retrospect
And understanding that I misunderstood

Thought I could make up your mind
And then this decision locks up
So tight it couldn't be touched
Thought you were being so kind
But keeping your mouth sealed shut
Rather than just opening it up


And I tried
To guess what goes on in your head
'Cause in your mind
I just might find
All those things you left unsaid
And I'll try to maybe not regret anything
Later on after I'm gone
You'll wish that you
Had listened to me (listened to me)

Why don't you
Come right out and say it
Even if the words are gonna hurt
We're better off this way
Why don't you
Come right out and say come right out and say
What I know you're thinking anyway
Why don't you
Come right out and say it
Even if the words are probably gonna hurt
I'd rather have the truth than something insincere
Why don't you
Come right out and say it (come right out and say it)
What it is you're thinking
And just what it is you're thinking

there are many things that I would like to say to you

misused mistakes
Wednesday, September 3, 2008 Wednesday, September 3, 2008

too many things happen at the same time

sometimes you just get caught in between everything that you just want everything to stop

i missed blogging

make that,

i missed blogging happy

what ever happened to my lunch box?
Sunday, June 22, 2008 Sunday, June 22, 2008

i can't believe i ate cotton candy yesterday.

ohhh, how i missed its sugary softness

so, how in the world was i able to get my hands on cotton candy?

funny story.

i and my mom were looking for new shoes for school

we ended up in fila where they were having this carnival thing going on

then i literally screamed when i saw a cotton candy machine

then came me, forcing my mom to buy me a bag

i didn't even bother looking through their shoes i just wanted cotton candy

my mom, being the mother that she is, refused to buy me cotton candy

then i was so pissed that i nearly walked out of the store until the saleslady came near me and said that the cotton candy was for free!!!


free bliss!

then i skipped toward the cotton candy machine and asked for one

i was sooooooo happy, it's freaky

i even offered some to my mom but she said that she didn't want to eat children's food

well then, i can have it all for myself!


so, even though i wasn't able to buy shoes yesterday, i was generally back to being Happy, thanks to cotton candy!!!

BTW, it was my brother's birthday yesterday but he wasn't with us 'cause he's on a Dragon Camp trip thing for school


cotton candy iconHappy Bunny aim iconICON: KID AT HEART
the shiz
Thursday, May 22, 2008 Thursday, May 22, 2008

birthday icon
yea, it was my birthday last may 23rd :)

for all those who greeted thank you!

for all those who didn't, try again next year xD

so, i had a couple of awesome friends over at my house

i got two cakes from them!

how awesome is that?

birthday to me

EDIT [JUNE 20, '08]

the script above was written by me last May 25th i think

wow. i seemed like such a happy person back then

it's just been a month and A LOT had changed

before i get into the details, let me brief you guys about the stuff that had happened before all the college explanation thingy starts

so, my familia and I always went to the Mall of Asia every weekend of May to watch the World Pyro Olympics

i would have posted pics of the awesome photos i got during the display but i dont feel like it

next time maybe

anyway, back to whatever shiz


sheesh :

i dunno why i feel so blah about it

everyone says that college is going to be the FUNNEST school experience shiz you'll have in your life

great, you call this happy?

i mean, i dunno why i always feel so SS after school


maybe it's because i don't get to eat that much because of the bazillion hungry students occupying the caf

inittt paaaaa

plus i have to wake up really early AGAIN

sorry for the bitterness but i guess that's part of the adjusting thing

i HATE change

and i don't like myself for hating it

it's just making everything worse 'cause the only thing that doesn't change in this world is CHANGE

so, it's like practically saying that i hate life

but wait

no, i dont hate change

change is awesome, but only if we change for the better, right?


i may sound like a brat for being so whiny about it but i don't know

i guess i stil have to wait until that 'happiest' part of college arrrives

i miss my friendssssssssssssssssssssssss

one thing i don't like the most about being in a new environment is that i'm still not myself

wala pa ung sobrang hyper and carefree bea

that's me.

i dont open up to new people that fast

like, i have to have the assurance that im gonna be good enough or something

and here i am, trying to blog about it, hoping that it will make a difference in the state that i am now

there was even a time when i just went home from school and just cried all night

no reason

well, there maybe reason but i just can't point my finger at it

but im pretty sure that it's about how i am so disappointed with myself

well, as for now, all i can do is sit and hope that this won't last for too long

whatbuffy college iconicon - whatever

wake up slow
four levels of happiness
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i was watching House a while ago and remembered Dr. Wilson saying about the 'four levels of happiness' he was trying to explain House about

curiosity go the best of me that i started to search about the levels of happiness as soon as i finished that particular episode

here's what i got:

Four Levels of Happiness

Happiness Level 1:
The first and most basic level of happiness comes from things outside ourselves and involve one or more of the five senses. The pleasure they give is immediate and direct such as eating an ice cream cone, buying a brand new car, going on vacation. Their pleasure is short lived and intermittent. They must be replaced by yet another ice cream cone, or new car, or vacation. Until such replacements take place our happiness is on hold.

Happiness Level 2:
The second level of happiness involves the ego. (Ego is Latin for I) This kind of happiness comes whenever I am in control, the focus of attention, the object of admiration, whenever I see myself as superior to others. Hence, whenever I win, gain power, am admired, or gain popularity I feel happy and pleased with myself. My ego has been affirmed. That which I think is the most important thing in the world (me) has received approval.

Happiness Level 3:
The second level of happiness is not totally satisfying. There is something missing. Humans also desire love, truth, goodness/justice, beauty, and being. These desires are often expressed in acts of charity—seeking cures, being concerned with one’s neighbor, making sacrifices, forgiving personal injuries. We want to make the world a better place and so we offer our lives, time, energy, and talent for the welfare of others. Our happiness, we learn, cannot be separated from the happiness of others. The common good is an integral part of our personal happiness.

Happiness Level 4:
Even the third level of happiness does not exhaust the scope of human desire. Humans are pulled by their desire for the sublime, something beyond their imagination, beyond their complete understanding. To be sure, they desire love, goodness, truth, beauty, and being as they experience them in the world; but they also desire these in their perfected and unlimited form. Those of faith recognize this as their desire for God. For those having no faith, they can treat this as an awareness of a seemingly unconditional horizon surrounding human curiosity, creativity, spirit, and achievement.

source: http://www.lifeprinciples.net/happinesschart.html

if you ask me which level of happiness i'm in, i'd give you a blank stare

i fell tired, exhausted and anxious about...

here's the fun part:

dun dun dun dun

missing you
Sunday, May 18, 2008 Sunday, May 18, 2008

this is a letter from to someone that's been very special to me

dear someone,

gosh, i can't believe we haven't been together for almost half a year now. many things had changed ever since you and i weren't keeping in touch. sometimes, i feel like i'm missing a lot lately because i don't have you to run to, especially when i'm bored at home. you always seem to complete my day just by being you. now that summer's about to end and still, we haven't been in touch, i realized how much i missed spending time with you. you always had a way to make me smile even if my day hadn't been so great. sometimes, i even blame myself for being so irresponsible before which generally 'caused this gap between us. but don't worry, i can feel that the time that we will be together again is coming. we just have to wait, i guess.

much love,

sooo, anyone guessed for who this letter is?

well, it's for...


yes, i know, pathetic

but i really do miss it!

what can i say, the software got me :)

okay, i'm really sounding soooo stupid right now

but hey,

i got you to think that i was talking about a person!


must be the chocolates.

im feeling it

really feeling it



too soon man, too soon

i was soooo panicking at the mall yesterday, thinking about all the stuff i need for college

we almost went to every store that sells bags, and nothing seemed to be right for college

i'm even panicking on which PE to choose

Futsal? Soccer? Softball? Fencing?




eff. wait. mosquitoes are biting my legssssss

see, all of our windows are open, even the blinds are pulled up

dont know why really

well, it's almost 10

and you know what that means!

aircon time


yea, we're disciplined with using the aircon like that


i joined this online social network for freshateneans

you know, just to socially prep me up for future schoolmates


i really feel so BLAH today

must be all the chocolates & the chocolate syrup i ate while watching House

LOL! Chocolate milk...

i swear, if chocolates were drugs, we wouldn't have soooo many at home


let's say that again

if chocolates were drugs, i'd be on O.D.

using medical acronyms, effects of watching too much House

okay! differential analysis everyone! [if you're a House fan, you'd know what i mean :)) ]


there was an episode about Rabies and man, did it bring back memories

and they showed the really ginormous injection they use for patients with rabies

now im getting sentimental

and now i'm not

oh! there was this funny 82 year old lady in House who was having the Cupid's something that's eating her brain up

that Cupid hormone thing, it's like phyllis or something, actually increases the sexual attraction of a person

anyway, im bored. i can't remember what i watched

21 The Movie

oh yea, the movie 21 seems interesting

really cute guy on the front

got to goooooo